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Autodesk 3ds Max 2010 delivers innovative tools for shaping new worlds, managing complexity with ease, and evolving your pipeline.

Whether you are looking to create 3D assets for games, broadcast graphics for television productions, or visual effects for film, Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2010 software delivers out-of-the-box access to a comprehensive set of industry-standard 3D tools—enabling you to get up to speed quickly and push the boundaries of creativity and efficiency.

Shape Your Worlds the Way You Want :-
Experience extreme creativity with the new 3ds Max 2010 Graphite modeling tools. This innovative toolset includes at least one hundred new tools for free-form sculpting and advanced polygonal modeling. Bring your vision to life with realistic water, fire, smoke, and other particle effects with PFlowAdvanced, a comprehensive particle design system. Take the guesswork out of your final renders with Review 3 technology—a major leap forward in viewport display that offers support for ambient occlusion, High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI)-based lighting, and mental mill shaders.

Manage Complexity with Ease: Easily manage your scenes using powerful new referencing workflows. By treating multiple objects and scenes as a single container object, you can organize even the most complex scenes quickly and efficiently. Collaborative workflows are also supported through containers, enabling you to set rules to control access to a container’s contents. 3ds Max 2010 also delivers new object- and scene-management features, including Material Explorer, ProOptimizer polygon optimization, xView mesh analysis, and expanded multicore processor support.

Take Advantage of Software Interoperability and Pipeline Integration : Develop, test, and maintain powerful mental mill hardware shaders from inside 3ds Max. The first 3D program to integrate mental images’ mental mill technology, 3ds Max 2010 software gives you real-time visual feedback as you work, making it possible to create sophisticated, hardware-agnostic shaders—no programming skills required. In addition to mental mill integration, the software also delivers improved interoperability with Autodesk® Mudbox™ software and other Autodesk products, along with enhanced support for C# and .NET.

Graphite Modeling Toolset : Graphite takes the renowned Autodesk 3ds Max polygon modeling tools to a new level by delivering one hundred new tools for free-form design and advanced polygonal modeling. The Graphite tools are also displayed in one central location, making it easy to find the tools you need for the job..

Material Explorer : Use this productivity-enhancing toolset to quickly browse the materials in your scene, replace materials, and view material properties and relationships.

Integrated mental mill Technology : 3ds Max 2010 gives you real-time visual feedback as you develop and test powerful mental mill shaders and shader graphs for hardware and software rendering.

PFlowAdvanced Particle Effects This toolset includes 12 operators new to 3ds Max, including precision painting operators, the Shape Plus operator, as well as utilities and grouping operators.

Containers : With the Containers feature in 3ds Max software, you and your team can manage large scenes better. Just place related objects in a container—then you can delete, transform, hide, load, unload, and reference those objects as if they were a single entity.

Review 3 : Review now offers support for ambient occlusion, HDRI-based lighting, soft shadows, hardware anti-aliasing, interactive exposure control, and the revolutionary mental mill shader technology from mental images.

xView Mesh Analyzer : Validate your 3D models before exporting or rendering using the new xView mesh analyzer technology. Providing an interactive view of where problems may lie, xView helps you avoid costly mistakes early in the design process when mistakes are easier to fix.

OBJ Import : Expanded OBJ file format support improves the import and export of 3D model data between 3ds Max and Autodesk Mudbox software and other third-party digital-sculpting applications.

ProOptimizer : ProOptimizer enables you to precisely control the number of faces or points your scene or model has. Useful faces are removed last, so a selection can be reduced up to 75 percent without loss of detail.

ProSound : With this toolset you can add up to 100 audio tracks to your scene and animate the volume of each track. The technology supports both PCM and compressed audio in AVI and WAV formats and up to six output channels.

C# and .NET Support : 3ds Max 2010 software delivers improved support for both C# and .NET.

Performance Improvements : Expanded multiprocessor support along with the GPU optimizations from previous versions of the software result in a much more responsive viewport.