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The power to quickly deliver the highest quality, most accurate digital models – that’s what Pro/ENGINEER is all about. As the primary design offering within PTC’s Product Development System, Pro/ENGINEER details the form, fi t and function of products. With its seamless Web connectivity, product teams have access to the resources, information, and capabilities they need – from conceptual design to tooling development and machining. And, with Pro/ENGINEER, high-fi delity digital models have full associativity, so that product changes made anywhere can update deliverables everywhere. That’s what it takes to achieve the digital product confi dence needed before investing signifi cant capital in sourcing, manufacturing capacity, and volume production.

Where Breakthrough Products Begin :-
Though most discrete manufacturers invest in computer-aided design and other technologies for product development, their investments do not always generate the returns they expect. Lack of interoperability, capability shortcomings, poor usability, and discontinuities across the concept-design-manufacturing continuum often hamper engineering teams in their search to develop high-quality digital product models more efficiently.

Pro/ENGINEER can help you optimize:
1. Conceptual Development
2. Detailed Design
3. System Design
4. Verifi cation and Validation
5. Design Outsourcing
6. Variant Design and Generation
7. Manufacturing Tooling and Equipment Design

Simple. Powerful. Connected : Engineering departments face countless challenges as they strive to create breakthrough products. They must manage exacting technical processes, as well as the rapid fl ow of information across diverse development teams. In the past, companies seeking CAD benefi ts could opt for tools that focused on ease-of-use, yet lacked depth and process breadth. Or, they could choose broader solutions that fell short on usability. With Pro/ENGINEER, companies get both a simple and powerful solution, to create great products without compromise.

Simple : "Easy-to-learn and easy-to-use make Pro/ENGINEER the superior choice for speed-to-value." Through its fl exible workfl ow and sleek user interface, Pro/ENGINEER drives personal engineering productivity like no other 3D CAD software. The User Model enables direct modeling, provides feature handles and intelligent snapping, and uses geometry previews, so users can see the effects of changes before committing to them. Plus, Pro/ENGINEER is based on familiar Windows® standards – providing immediate user accessibility and extending those standards to the unique challenges of 3D product design.

Powerful : "Deep and broad capabilities let engineers design to customer needs, not to the limitations of software." As the two-time recipient of IndustryWeek’s Technology of the Year Award, Pro/ENGINEER remains the most powerful MCAD solution on the market. Pro/ENGINEER creates seamless digital product information throughout all engineering processes, with associative CAD, CAM and CAE applications spanning conceptual design to NC toolpath generation. And since it’s built on GRANITE®– PTC’s modeling and interoperability kernel – Pro/ENGINEER excels in multi-CAD environments, and guarantees upward compatibility of data from earlier Pro/ENGINEER releases.

Connected : "Fast, secure collaboration means more productivity and less risk." Pro/ENGINEER offers instant connectivity to valuable resources via an embedded Web browser. As part of PTC’s integral Product Development System (PDS), Pro/ENGINEER provides a seamless user experience with Windchill.

Pro/ENGINEER Optimizes Your Digital Model

Conceptual and Industrial Design : "Capture Ideas and Forms that Meet Any Aesthetic Requirement." Pro/ENGINEER is unmatched for developing and communicating stunning product concepts. It’s a truly open solution you can use to share ideas or refi ne concepts using freeform surfacing and reverse engineering tools. Designs can be sent directly to a rapid prototyping machine, or transferred to downstream Pro/ENGINEER applications.

1. Easy-to-use tools, blending 2D or 3D, curves and surfaces, and imported sketches for concept exploration and industrial design.
2. Advanced photo-rendering to create photorealistic images
3. Interoperable with other CAD systems

Realizable Benefits :
1. Increase the number of product ideas conceptualized and evaluated
2. Improve the richness of product collateral
3. Bring higher-quality products to market faster

Detailed Design : "Refine and Fully Document Any Product, Regardless of Complexity." Some manufacturers struggle to develop product defi nitions because of incompatibility across multiple CAD systems or functional shortcomings. With Pro/ENGINEER, design engineers can handle tasks of any complexity, easily connecting and accessing information over the Web – directly from the design environment. Pro/ENGINEER is the scalable choice for small and large companies alike.

1. Full geometry capabilities include solid, sheet metal, and assemblymodeling, technical and freeform surfacing, weldments, frameworks, and mechanisms.
2. Fast, intelligent, automated capabilities such as Auto Round™, dimensions in 3D drawings, assembly memory management, and feature recognition.
3. Product documentation capabilities include production drawings, 3D drawings per ASME 14.41, process plans, photo-renderings, and animations.
4. Model quality checking, validation, and data reuse
5. Interoperability with industry-standard fi le exchange formats, including STEP, IGES, DXF, DWG, Parasolid®, JT and ASIC import.
6. Patented technology for associative data exchange with CADDS, CATIA V4, CATIA V5, Unigraphics.

Realizable Benefits :
1. Improve productivity and resource allocation by extending software usage
2. Standardize design infrastructure
3. Improve collaboration across multiple CAD systems
4. Reuse legacy 2D/3D data
5. Reduce product and development cost with less reliance on engineering drawings and early resolution of design confl ict
6. Validate products with full digital product mock-up