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Delcam is one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced CADCAM software solutions for product development in the manufacturing industry. The company has grown steadily since being founded in 1977 after initial development work at Cambridge University, UK. It is now the largest developer of product design and manufacturing software in the UK with subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Asia. Delcam’s software is used by more than 16,000 organisations in over 80 countries.

CAMPowerMill :- What do you want from a CAM system? A program that is easy to use? One that always delivers efficient and reliable results? One that works the way you want to rather than forcing you to change your methods? Gives you the confidence to tackle any job, regardless of complexity? No matter what machining challenges you face, PowerMILL offers a new approach to solving your machining problems. PowerMILL incorporates everything your company needs to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce delivery times and so boost your profits.

CAMSuccessful machining is about more than just cutting. How often have you had to make changes to your customers’ data before you could begin programming?

• Had to fix problems like gaps and holes or insufficient draft?
• Needed to modify surfaces or add new ones, such as split faces or 5-axis reference surfaces?
• Wanted to repair or change the way a surface is trimmed?
• Struggled to define complex stock shapes including castings or forgings?
• Been made to wait while the CAD office makes the changes you need?

CAM Feature CAM : FeatureCAM is the only CAM system designed from the start to meet two very important needs. Firstly, to provide a truly easy to use CAM system that is so intuitive that novice or occasional users can quickly create reliable and consistent toolpaths, reducing training costs and increasing your return on investment. Secondly, to ensure that you can program all your machine tools within a single user interface designed to achieve shorter programming times.

CAMFeatureCAM offers solutions for 2D and 3D milling, 5-axis simultaneous, high-speed milling, turning, live tooling, and wire EDM. Each product incorporates advanced feature-based and knowledge-based technologies. Unlike operations-based CAM systems, FeatureCAM generates toolpaths based on the features of the part and then automatically selects appropriate tools, determines roughing and finishing passes, and calculates feeds and speeds. The selections made can be based on the built-in machining knowledge that Delcam supplies ‘out of the box’ within FeatureCAM, or from experience captured from your company, project or individual user’s preferences.

FeatureCAM is an easy-to-use CAM system that is so intuitive that even a novice or occassional user can quickly create reliable and consistent toolpaths. The user-friendly automation inside the software ensures training costs are minimized, increasing the return on your investment quickly. You can create toolpaths directly from solids using FeatureRECOGNITION. All your machines can be programmed within a single user interface specifically designed to achieve shorter programming times by Featurebased operations.

CAM2D MILLING : FeatureMILL 2.5D is the basis of the FeatureCAM range, including feature recognition for part creation. Incorporating advanced production steps for multiple setups and parts, and strategies for drilling and milling, FeatureMILL 2.5D is powerful yet easyto-use. FeatureMILL 2.5D also provides centerline, 3D and full machine simulation options.

Benefits : 1. Standard databases (tools, materials, feeds & speeds)
2. Simulations that accurately reflect the rotation of the part
3. Step-by-step wizards for fast, reliable toolpaths

CAMFeatureRECOGNITION : FeatureRECOGNITION is the industry leading software for automatically recognizing 2.5D features such as holes, pockets, bosses, or slots, enabling you to import 3D surface & solid models. Having selected the imported model, FeatureRECOGNITION creates features directly, without requiring you to type in any dimensions. Programming is much faster, from importing the model to cutting your part.

Benefits : 1. Reduced programming times
2. Reduced machine idle time
3. Automatic conversion to CNC parts

CAMTURN & TURN/MILL : FeatureTURN includes Advanced Turning Functions for quick and easy programming of turned parts. FeatureTURN/MILL includes all the functions of FeatureTURN and FeatureMILL 2.5D, enabling both turning and milling features to be created on a single machine in a single setup. The Multi-Turret Turning module is an optional module that provides an excellent solution for the production machining of precision parts.

Benefits : 1. Easy-to-use feature location wizards
2. User-friendly programming process for B-axis machines
3. Standard turn thread library

CAM 3D MILLING & 5-AXIS : FeatureMILL3D enables you to create or import surfaces and solids. You can then manage manufacturing details with a variety of multi-surface roughing and finishing techniques using simple 3D Milling wizards.
The 5-axis simultaneous machining option offers a variety of methods supporting:-
1. Tool axis control
2. 5-axis drilling
3. 5-axis trimming
4. Swarf machining

Benefits :
1. Fewer setups required
2. Shorter programming times
3. Reduced machining times

CAMWIRE EDM : FeatureWIRE offers automated cutting strategies for the full range of 2-axis and 4-axis wire EDM equipment. Standard drawing tools and wizards allow you to easily create gears and cams. FeatureWIRE also automatically generates toolpaths, NC code and simulation. Post-processors are also available for all industry leading machines, including Agie Charmilles, Fanuc, Mitsubishi and Sodick.

Benefits : 1. User-friendly automated process
2. Customizable post processors
3. Easy-to-use wizards